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Forrest Smithson


A lifelong musician, creating masterful excursions into new territories of lyrical and modern musical textures and atmospheres.
Forrest’s musical creations emerge from a natural affinity for embracing diverse elements and variables of sound coming from multiple locations and holding them in awareness as a unified event.
This ability to unify elements of varied energetic qualities, in differing states of unfoldment, is brought forth to create sonic presentations of wholeness within form.
Forrest is devoted to a process of embracing the intensities as they occur within the daily awake time of ordinary life.
This journey towards the mastery of open, active receptivity functions on the practical level of establishing a deep, stable, living location within the heart for birthing the emergence of unity awareness and bringing it into context of musical expressions.
This true intersection becomes a place within for establishing a direct relationship with the unknown. This relationship with the unknown coming to be known is embraced and navigated by an awareness born of the joining of heart and mind.
As intensities ripen into availability, the energetic elements move to join in the process of unification, bringing elements that were previously experienced in separation into the experience of unity awareness, contributing then to the sonic expression of wholeness.
Forrest was born in 1956 and has been a musician all his life.  When younger he studied piano, trumpet and guitar.  He studied composition privately, but mostly he has self studied which has been the most efficaciously fitting for his musical development.
Throughout his life Forrest has had a strong desire to bring the energetic elements within his life’s events and relationships into musical expression and has made many privately distributed recordings to share with family and friends.
In the last few years, the musical expression of the inner growth that was occurring in his own life came into very clear focus.  He quickly intuited the process that he sensed he needed for this expression to be served.
The musical category for his music seems to be best described as Immersive Electronic Soundscapes, even though Ambient, Avant Garde, and Experimental descriptors also apply.
Forrest  prefers a long form for the pieces he creates.  The desire to bring to expression the emotional and spiritual elements guides each pieces’ unfolding nature.
The music that Forrest brings forth is the music that he himself longs to hear.  So his process of creation is consistent with being in alignment with his own truth.
Forrest is always working on a number of pieces simultaneously. There are other CD projects in the finishing processes and numerous other projects that are in various stages of unfoldment.
Here, we hope that the listener senses and discovers the niche appeal of these works and find a recurring place in each one’s musical catalog.
Forrest’s music is available through various distributors worldwide, such as Amazon, iTunes, eMusic,  CD Baby, CD Universe and others.  Products may also be purchased at this site from our store page.