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Giving and Receiving

As my awareness moves into a ever more stable relationship with the force of unity, the feeling of a true point of intersection is heightened
As the boundaries of awareness become ever more permeable, a state arises where my experience is one of neither inner or outer 
All that arises or arrives within my awareness has the distinct feeling of belonging  to the collective of consciousness as well as being intimately and uniquely mine
A sense of simultaneous enhancement accompanies the all inclusive embrace of acceptance that is apprehended within this ceaseless relationship
As I see and feel my Self living as relationship, within a state of open, active receptivity,      
I sense the expansion within myself as well as within All That Is, and I feel the movement and expression of the unknown coming to be known in my awareness as an unobstructed flow 
This unobstructed relationship is accompanied by an out-of-time awareness being experienced within time, where the recognition of miracles is quite natural
For example: the experience of intensity within a given event may be quite charged and feel uncomfortable and unsettling because of the fear that is brought forth into awareness within the body
But as I apprehend the intensity within the event with the embrace of acceptance and hold it within the spacious heart of awareness, the conditions for transformation and integration are provided for and the elements within the event unfold to be birthed within the heart of awareness, thus contributing to the individual as well as the collective expansion of wholeness within form
And of course, each movement and expression of transformation and integration provides a true feeling of expanded awareness of the love that we 
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